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Frequently Asked Questions

For Pet Services

Q. Is There a Timeframe for Your Boarding Service?

Whether it’s a three-day business trip or a two-week family vacation, it’s always difficult leaving your pup behind while you are out of town. That is why when selecting a boarding service, you need to ensure that you choose the best. By picking Ruff Ruff Doggie Resort, you are guaranteeing that this is the case. We cut no corners in the delivery of pet care excellence and you shouldn’t either. Our service can be as long or as short as you require. In general, most pets stay with us between three to fourteen days.

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Q. Why Is it Important to Treat Your Pets to Regular Nail Care Treatments?

Failing to have the nails of your pet clipped and maintained correctly could prove extremely costly for your home. Wooden floors, freshly painted walls or wooden chair and table legs could all become a playground for any pet with excessively long nails. So, to ensure the upkeep of your home, you need to treat your pet to regular nail care treatments from us.

That being said, as bad as long nails are for your home, they are a lot worse for your pet. Failing to cut, your dog’s nails can result in injuries ranging from torn nails to arthritis. This is particularly true for dogs’ nails as they are curved, so if they grow too long they can dig into their paw pads and skin causing extreme pain, sores and infection. To prevent this completely avoidable problem for your pup, make sure that their nails are trimmed regularly.

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Q. Why is Daycare a good option for my dog?

At Ruff Ruff Doggie Resort, the most important thing that we care about is your dog’s happiness. We have found that an active dog is a happy dog. So often our pups are missing the owners interaction all day and are restless when the owner comes home after a day at the office. By allowing your dog to visit our daycare he can have the active play time during the day and then have a nice peaceful evening at home without all of the pent up energy. Daycare is also a great way to socialize your dog. Play time with other dogs will teach your dog to play nice with others and make them a more enjoyable family pet.

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Q. Can I tour your facility prior to boarding or daycare service?

Yes. In fact we encourage you and your pup/s to stop by and tour our facility.  Please call first to set up an appointment. All visits are strictly by appointment, for those that have booked a stay with us and are bringing their pup/ pups to meet us.

Q. Are you available for weekend drop off or pickup?

Yes, we are available for weekend pick up and drop off:

Saturday and Sunday between 08:00 – 16:00 strictly by appointment

Q. Do you provide food during my dogs stay?

We ask that our guests come with their usual food and treats from home, as a change in diet often leads to upset tummies for your pups. We do have food that we can provide when requested at no extra charge.

Q. My dog has a medication that must be administered, will you give him the medication as required?

Many of our guests have specific medication and feeding needs. At Ruff Ruff Doggie Resort, we pride ourselves on treating your dog as though they were our own, and we are glad to follow specific medication and dietary needs as directed.

Q. My dog has a favorite toy or blanket that I'd like to leave with him.
Is this OK?

By all means, we are all about the comfort of our guests and encourage any items that will comfort your dog. Please be aware that any items left may be chewed up, we advise only bringing old items. We are happy to provide bedding.

Further Questions?

We’re here to answer any questions you might have. To contact us, you can call us at (901) 840-3647 or email us at