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Superior Dog Boarding Service

If you are a dog owner who is occasionally out of town for work or pleasure then there is no reason why you should feel bad about this. In fact, by choosing Ruff Ruff Doggie Resort for your dog’s boarding needs, you are providing him or her with a holiday while you enjoy yours. At Ruff Ruff Doggie Resort we take great pride in the level of care and attention afforded to all dogs who stay at our premium boarding facilities. For us, the number one priority is to always treat our canine visitors as generously as possible, and thanks to the number of loyal clients who have returned to our service, we like to think that we are achieving this goal.

Adaptable Animals

One of the most common misconceptions that we hear regularly in our trusted pet care center is that it is impossible to be a responsible dog owner and still take family vacations or occasionally leave town for work. This is simply not the case. Sure, if you are someone who works 18 hours a day and is out of town every second week then maybe this isn’t the time for you to get a dog. However, if it is only a few times per year, then there is no reason why you should feel bad for taking a break. The simple fact of the matter is that dogs are adaptable animals and while nothing will replace the love and warmth of their natural environment in your home, they can interact positively in other surroundings. This is particularly true if these other settings happen to have spacious sleeping areas and interactive activities throughout the day.

Advantages of Professional Dog Boarding

Aside from anything else, maybe the biggest advantage that you will receive from investing in professional boarding service for your dog is peace of mind, and when all is said and done, this is priceless. When you invest in a boarding service from us you are guaranteed that your dog will receive the appropriate level of care and attention, as well as ensuring that any dietary requirements or medication is properly adhered to.

Book Your Dog's Spot Today!

*Please be aware that reservations made via email are requests only until Ruff Ruff Doggie Resort has confirmed your reservation with you. If we have not responded to your email request within 24 hours of it being sent to us (during normal business hours), please call us at 901-840-3647 to confirm your appointment! PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE, DUE TO THE HUGE VOLUME OF CALLS, WE CANNOT ANSWER CALLS AND PROVIDE EXCELLENT CARE FOR OUR PUPS. Please leave information such as: Breed/s, Weight/s, boarded together or separately, dates needed. THANK YOU!

Our team can be reached via phone at (901) 840-3647, email at